Inquirers’ Group

The Episcopal Church Welcomes YOU!

St. Mark’s Parish does its best to welcome those who come to services and worship with us. Its people are very friendly and welcome all who come through our doors whether it is for worship or to meet any other spiritual or material need. We do this because we believe that hospitality is one small sign of what we can make of the generous hospitality that God shows to those who seek to know the Risen Christ.

If you are new to the Episcopal Church and interested in exploring baptism or confirmation, or simply learning the basics of our faith and church, the Inquirer’s class is the place to begin. Offered in the fall, the six-week class provides an opportunity to get to know the clergy and leadership at St. Mark’s and to wrestle with questions like: “Who is Jesus,” “How do we read the Bible,” and “What is the Episcopal Church?”

Our Inquirers’ Group is an effort to help tell the story of the Episcopal Church: who we are, where we have come from, what we believe, and how we worship God. Being a Christian in our world is not often an easy task. We hope that our efforts here will help make that challenge just a little easier.

Our Inquirers’ Group is more than merely a class – it is a small community that seeks to support its members through inquiry, prayer and the development of spirituality within the Anglican/Episcopal tradition.

If you would like to be contacted about joining our Inquirers’ Group please send an e-mail to