Parishioners’ Outreach

As part of the Jubilee Ministries Center, Parishioners’ Outreach Ministries partners with other churches and social service agencies to meet the emergency needs of members of the community who find themselves without basics of daily life. While Parishioners’ Outreach does not seek to “fix” the problem in a permanent way, it offers an opportunity for individuals or families to fill a critical gap when they are pressed to the edge. Referrals play an important part of this ministry as it seeks to put people in touch with resources and assistance provided by givernment and private agencies to addressing any systemic problems that may exist.

Parishioners’ Outreach seeks to assist as funding allows with assistance in the following areas:
• Medical (doctor visit co-pays, prescription medications, medical supplies, equipment, and other types of medical bills)
• Transportation (emergency car repairs, bus tickets, gas, public tr fares)
• Utilities (water, gas, electric, local telephone, utility fees and deposits)
• Education (books, fees)
• Clothing
• Other Emergencies and Temporary Relief Efforts

Initial funding for the Parishioners’ Outreach Minsitry came from a Project Grant of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. This ministry is currently funded by special fundraisers and by donations from parishioners and members of the community.

For more information, call the parish office at (717) 248-8327 or e-mail us at